Progress on V4

So, what's the status of V4? Well, here's a list of what I know to be not working in the 4.0b release.

  • CLI mode is executable is broken. It's actually been broken since release, which suggests it isn't being used much. In any case, this should be fixed soon.
  • XP support was broken. Hopefully this is fixed in current code (not released)
  • Ruby 1.8/1.9 differences are causing problems. I'm investigating ways to fix this, but it's looking tricky.
  • Anything using non-standard DLL extensions doesn't work. 
  • And some problems to do with bad emulation of the RGSS scripts.
The last three issues are caused because I'm just loading the Scripts file, and a lot of games appear to do loading and processing on load (rather than on game start). While I'd call it sloppy programming, not much that can be done about it, unfortunately. Hence, I'm considering another new loader. This will either be doing some very lightweight processing on the scripts to figure out the structure (without doing any processing - something that may work as I only require module/class names), or brute forcing the structure from Ruby error messages.

Expect a v4.0c release shortly to fix the first 2 issues, then something else later to fix the others.


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