RPGMaker Trans v4.0 Prerelease

So I'm uploading this as a prerelease first, because of the massive and extensive changes to RPGMaker Trans. Seriously, there's a lot that happened since the v3.07 release. Excluding bug fixes, here are the big ticket items:

  • RPGMaker XP and VX Ace are now supported. Although XP support is somewhat untested at present.
  • Translated scripts now have some validation done to them. The validation is not perfect, but it'll certainly stop you from accidentally leaving a closing quote off a string (which is the most common error I've made).
  • Heavily customised games should now be supported. Scripts are now loaded into RPGMaker Trans, which should allow even the most heavily customised game to be translated.
  • v3.2 Patch format simplifies contexts by removing class names, correcting the order of things to be more logical, and fixes a bug where InlineScripts didn't have their position in the event page displayed.
  • And (hopefully) games residing in a non-ASCII folder will now work properly.
The reason for announcing this as a prerelease is there is one thing which needs more broad testing than I can realistically do by myself, which is the method for handling heavily customised games. As this loads in scripts, I'm a little concerned that the incompatibilities between Ruby 1.8.7 and 1.9.3 might mess up some XP/VX games. If anyone encounters any such game, or any game which doesn't work, please file a bug report.

The prerelease can be found on the RPGMaker Trans website.
EDIT: Prerelease updated to 4.0a to fix a crash when choosing a game through the file picker.
EDIT2: Prelease updatead to 4.0b to fix a crash when launching a Ruby process through GUI.


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