More Progress on V4

This is just an update, considering 3 weeks ago I said 'expect something soon' and then nothing on this blog.

Basically, my code has inexplicably stopped working on Windows. I am genuinely confused as to what is going wrong here, because I have no reason to believe that the code shouldn't work with Windows, and yet it does not.

For those technically minded: after this commit, things don't work on Windows anymore. There seems to be some kind of deadlock, but I'm still no closer to figuring out where it is or why it happens. All I know is that patching jobs get submitted to a multiprocess Pool, but they never start. My concern is that there is a problem within multiprocessing, because the aforementioned commit does not do anything that should affect this, and the problem persists even when I make the jobs modal (which is definitely worrying...)

So there'll be a new release when it's ready, basically. I'm hoping this is sooner rather than later, but as I'm genuinely lost on this issue, no promises.


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