RPGMaker Trans 1.99 Fixed... Again

OK, I've updated 1.99 to fix the 'download a new release' problems. Again. If you need the 1.99 version, download it again and it should now work.

However, wierd bugs like this one is basically  the reason that I'm doing the version 2 as a near complete rewrite. The v1.x series are pretty much completely unmaintainable.

Status on 2.0 bugs: Currently being worked on. I'm still unable to reproduce them, but I'm relatively confident that locale issues are at play. I'm currently setting up some VMs to do proper testing etc.

Note: If you have issues with 2.0 at the moment, please let me know. I am planning to kill off the 1.x series as soon as I can, so I really do need to get all bugs etc ironed out.

EDIT: Link fixed. Sorry, my bad.


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