EDIT: It turns out that automatically patching an RPG_RT.EXE file will be impossible. Certain assets, notably the name character dialog, have to be translated, and this is well outside of what I think is possible for me to implement. There may be an alternative later on, but this will not be in any release for the forseeable future. Apologies.

So I haven't been completely idle this last month or so. And hence a request for those wanting to translate into foreign languages: I need RPG_RT.EXE files. Specifically, I need RPG_RT.EXE files from the locales which you want to translate into, so I can try to figure out how to automatically patch the locale of an RPG_RT.EXE file.

Technical details: an RPGMaker 2k is an old pre-UTF-8 program, so it can only display a single code page. Translating across code pages will require either replacing the RPG_RT.EXE file (legally difficult) or on the fly patching - and for on the fly patching, I'll need to know what to change.

Hence, if you can see this, want to translate RPGMaker 2k games to a different locale, and have an RPG_RT.EXE file that is from the correct locale, please send it to me!


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