RPGMaker Trans v1.98

Right, here is v1.98. It's undergone much more substantial testing than had been the case with the old 1.97, and I'm 99% confident that this one actually works properly. If I'm wrong, then please, bug reports either as comments here or directly e-mail me.


  • Speed: The speedy patching engine is correct and works properly.
  • Speed: The translation folder is constructed in parallel to patching.
  • Bugfix: Game folders with Unicode file names should be OK now... (although maybe not if opened using the browse button - this is outside of my ability to control, unfortunately...)
  • New UI: OK, it looks like the old one, but this version is better for me as a programmer. Also, it's the cause for the aforementioned bugfix. Oh, and for now, the patch options button won't do anything. That's intentional.
Within the next two weeks, I intend to get a beta version of 1.99 out; this version will add support for trans-locale patches (i.e. Japanese to Korean/Russian). The only substantial item left to do is to add support for "translating" filenames, which requires a modicum of extra reverse engineering. Shouldn't be too hard... I hope...

Oh, and I'm doing a "cash for guaranteed work" thing. For every $10, I will do 1 hours work on RPGMaker Trans. People can specify what feature they'd like to see and I'll work on that. Current list of features under development: XP/VX support, automatic translations via Atlas and Trans-locale patching. Whilst I'm open to ideas, if you have some feature that isn't on this list that you want, please ask before committing funds to it. I'd hate for someone to donate for a feature which I can't implement...

And finally, I will be implementing all of those features anyway. Donations is just a way to try and get me to speed up.


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