The March to v5.00

It's time for a progress report, I think. The march to v5.00 is a long and tiring one, unfortunately, but it will enable a lot of good things.

I've now got a definitive strategy. The Ruby/Python interoperability is not working. It was always pretty shaky, but on Windows the situation is pretty much intolerable. It's the cause of both the general slowness of patching games on Windows and portions of games randomly failing to patch.

In it's place, I've got a Python native Ruby Unmarshal library. I'm still working on it, but it is at a state where it can read files correctly. Writing files is still a work in progress. Eliminating the use of Ruby should give a significant speed boost on Windows and make RPGMaker Trans much more reliable. It'll also enable a bunch of new features as well, such as being able to select exactly which contexts you need; games which use custom scripts that RPGMaker Trans can't detect at present will become translateable, albeit with a little user work.

There's also been work on the Ruby parser, and planning on the upgrades I will need to carry out to the patch format.

Other utilities?

The other utilities that I've long promised are still in the pipeline. If all goes well, they should be released this month. Just don't expect GUIs.

A quick note on v 4.35

I though I had posted on this, but apparently not. An apology to anyone hit by the brief period in which RPGMaker Trans stopped working. The 'expiry system' was implemented for various reasons in the midst of time, but mainly due to people insisting on using versions of RPGMaker Trans that were more than a year old and then demanding I fix bugs that were already fixed. And between not having enough time to work and Windows 10 messing up my build environment, the expiry date of RPGMaker Trans v4.35 just slipped by me.

v4.36 fixes this issue, and also corrects some stale links. Again, sorry for anyone inconvenienced by this.


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