RPGMaker Trans v4.5: Legacy Edition

Well, I had hoped to get RPGMaker Trans v5 out today. Unfortunately, due to August being very busy, I haven't managed to do that. What I am able to put out though is the final version of the 3/4.x series, RPGMaker Trans v4.5 Legacy Edition. This is basically me putting down a final update to the old codebase. The changelog is very minor:

  1. v4.5 will not require people to upgrade to v5 when it is released
  2. v4.5 can display a message from this website - a feature I'll use to advertise the completion of v5
  3. If you require RPGMaker 2000, you must continue to use v4.5 even after v5 is released. RPGMaker 2000 will be supported in due course, but not in the initial release.

One important note though: with the exception of any critical problems with v4.5, it is now officially unmaintained. Going forward, bugs will be fixed for RPGMaker Trans v5 and onwards only. Obviously there potenitally going to be a bit of a messy period over the next couple of weeks while I get RPGMaker Trans v5 out there, but part of the reason I'm in this mess is that I spent too much time bug-fixing old code which I'm going to be getting rid of shortly. Or rather, I shouldn't have tried to fix the unfixable.


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