RPGMaker Trans v4.35 Released

So I released v4.3 very quietly, due to lack of testing and a crash-on-exit bug. v4.31 corrects these issues, and sorts out a few more things. A quick list of things:

  • v4.3: Make a bunch more things translatable
  • v4.3: Fix issue which caused indefinite hang on games with duplicated script names
  • v4.35: Fix crash-on-exit bug in v4.3
  • v4.35: Fix progress bar sticking at 99%

What's Next

The next order of business is a new Ruby parsing engine based on the Pygments library for v4, to fix issues with Ruby script parsing that are showing up (TLDR: While RPGMaker Trans no longer blows up completely, I've seen at least 7 games which do manage to break the current script parser in various ways). This is in addition to the ongoing work on version 5.


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