Repository and stuff moving around

So, it looks like Bitbucket is undergoing a few changes.

Now I think that they could have communicated these better, as the first I knew about it was when I noticed that the Icon for the RPGMaker Trans repo had changed to the Amy Rose avatar that I use (she's a fun character). To get it set up correctly again, I need to move RPGMaker Trans to being a Bitbucket project rather than just a personal repo.

I had been planning to do something similar anyway - as there is already a project for RPGMaker Trans so I can have this website here - so this has just sped things up rather than being an actually annoying change. As far as I know, I'm the sole developer for this project and so changes in Merucial configs won't affect anyone else. The only people this will affect are those rather annoying people who insist on deep-linking to the RPGMaker Trans releases. I'm prepared to throw these guys under a bus because a) I regularly delete old releases anyway so this is nothing new for them and b) I do also say link to this website rather than direct to the releases, and so they should either know better or be prepared for inconveniences like this.

So the actual announcement of the changes:

  1. Bitbucket Repo URL is now
  2. Mercurial Repo access is now ssh://
  3. Downloads page is now
  4. Issue Tracker is now

The front page has been updated appropriately, so hopefully there's nothing to worry about.

Other News

As people may be aware, last year my old laptop broke, and I was forced to resort to an even older laptop for development. This did hamper things somewhat - a 1.4GHz machine is only minimally usable in this day and age. Fortunately though, I now have a new-ish laptop, which is similarly spec'd to the broken one. So that's a development hurdle dealt with - the 1.4GHz machine was only just capable of running my IDE, and so it's a relief to me that I can now develop without enforced 5-second pauses that happened whenever IntelliJ decided to do something. The only downside was having to migrate all my files over. Again. At least it's easier this time round than the previous situation of extracting files from an unbootable machine with strong crypto on it.

Coming up soon will be the v4.4 release of RPGMaker Trans, which will debut a new script parser and a minor revision to the patch format. And then it's all steam ahead for v5, although with a possible handy utility release before then.


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