Towards 3.0

So, I'm heading towards RPGMaker Trans 3.0. I had previously hoped to get it out this year, but not sure if that deadline will be met. The reason?

When starting to integrate the prototype VX support, I have become honestly confused as to why RPGMaker Trans hasn't blown up in more spectacular ways. Like eating parts of patches. There's a rather major race condition in the 2k patching engine, and I just don't get how it hasn't caused problems...

In any case, I'm going to be spending a little bit of time reworking the infrastructure of RPGMaker Trans, so this kind of thing doesn't happen. Fortunately, Python now has the asyncio module, which is geared for this sort of thing. It would have been really useful back when I started the Version 2 rewrite, but back then it was the world of Python 2.7 and it was a completely different landscape back then...

And for anyone not reading between the lines, 3.0 = VX support.


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