Ruby Parser Milestone: Successfully Parsing A Games Scripts

Huzzah! I can now actually parse a games scripts and extract everything that should be translated (or at least, that's what I believe; it certainly looks like it, but I'm obviously not checking by hand). That's a very significant milestone. The nastiest issue I've faced is Ruby ambiguous /, which is either the beginning of a Regex (which is technically translateable, and can mess with parsing strings etc) or division (which can't)

What next? Well, the Ruby parser is still not actually feature complete. There's a couple of more obscure features which need to be implemented, but most of these are easier. The only difficult one is embedded Ruby code, but hopefully there's some clever hack to work around it. Then there's the matter of finalising version 3 of the patch file format, implementing VX patching in RPGMaker Trans and also improving communication methods between Ruby and Python components (currently using temp files, but would like to use sockets).


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