RPGMaker Trans v2.01 Released

As the title says. Bugs fixed:

  • The odd error that was affecting high core count PCs
  • Memory usage should be lower
  • Read only files crashing the file copier - hopefully 
  • Progress bar no longer gets stuck at 99%
Bugs that remain
  • On closing, you may see some error boxes pop up. I'm working on fixing this, but it's not a critical thing.
  • Some malformed RPGMaker games may cause the translator component to crash (specifically ones which embed NUL characters in strings - not even sure how one does this with RPGMaker)
  • A readme: A number of recent questions seem to suggest a readme is in order.#
  • EDIT: There is an issue with copying thumbs.db files, it seems. Mitigation: don't have the translated folder open whilst patching and you'll probably be OK; if not try again.
So, theoretically, this one should fix the remaining issues with RPGMaker Trans v2. I've said that before, obviously, but hopefully this time it sticks. When someone finds an error (inner cyniscm taking over here), bug reports in the comments please.  Otherwise, apologies for the very bumpy ride from 1.x to 2.01. Hopefully it's over now.


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