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First off, as people apparently cannot google/read previous comments anymore, this:

IF YOU ARE MISSING MSVCR100.DLL INSTALL THE MS VC++ REDISTRIBUTABLE HERE: http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=26999

Now that's out of the way - for the people with error in Pythons multiprocessing libraries (the one that ends with "TypeError: WriteFile() argument 1 must be integer, not None"): thanks for the system specs. One thing I notices is that you're running Core i7s which have 8 threads, which leads me to think that RPGMaker Trans is going too parallel for Windows to handle. Hence the next version of RPGMaker Trans will have a limit on the number of processes it uses, and hopefully that will be a cure.

As to me testing this out: I don't have a Windows machine with an 8 thread processor in, so that could be tricky. I'll see if I can set something up, but there's a very high chance that'll I'll be working blind on this one.

ETA on RPGMaker Trans 2.01: Sunday/Monday morning 

EDIT: I've managed to do some testing and managed to produce a similar (although not entirely the same) bug, so I'm pretty certain that this is related to Python spawning too many processes on systems with a high thread count. The reason for this is due to some default behavior in Python that I wasn't aware of (specifically multiprocessing.pool does not spin up processes as necessary, but by default starts one process for each hardware thread). The fix is a bit more involved than I thought, but should be done shortly. It wasn't caught before because testing is on a 2 core VM, which doesn't exhibit this problem. 

EDIT2: And it wasn't that... it seems to be a more fundamental bug in Python, but it's fixed anyway.


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