RPGMaker Trans 1.99 and news

So a new version. Not the one that brings trans-locale support, unfortunately, but just a bug fix and general update. Changelog:

  • Fix a bug with translating names or classes set by scripts
  • (Hopefully) Fix the bug with the error logger
  • Move to Python 2.7 / wxPython
So, other news? Well, stuff I'm working on (on and off)

  • Trans-locale support - or, in other words, translating games from say Japanese to Russian. Nearly done, but I need to reverse engineer a bit more of the LMU file format before this is done.
  • XP/VX support - again, nearly done.
  • ScriptableQuickAtlas - A demo of which has been around for a while (for a specific game), but will need some work due to GUI issues. Allows using Scripts to process text hooked by AGTH into something more palatable to ATLAS.
  • Translation aid - A tool which aids translation by matching strings supplied by AGTH, and allowing the user to translate games whilst playing them (with ScriptableQuickAtlas support)
  • Collaborative patches - Part of the above translation aid, but basically support for crowdsourcing translation work
  • (Possibly) A new website
And one other thing... how did this place get popular? Since my last post, hits have gone up at least 10 times, and that was an announcement saying that nothing would be happening for a while.


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