It seems that some people are distributing prepatched copies of a certain game. I'm sure everyone involved knows who they are.

This is not allowed. There's a warning prominently displayed on RPGMaker Trans about this.

For all parties involved: Strike 1. 3 Strikes, and I'm afraid bad things will have to happen.

Edit (mk2):
Apologies to Anon4565636: Anon4565636 reposted a pretty offensive comment made on RPGMaker Trans elsewhere and I mistook it for his/her own post. The only thing I'm keeping from my original response though is an answer to the allegation that I am building a botnet (rest from previous response):

Finally, on the serious allegation of me trying to build a botnet: Not a chance. First off, RPGMaker Trans is written in Python - wrong language for a computer virus. Any competent reverse engineer should be able to verify that it is just a Python script packaged with cx_freeze - no funny business. Whenever I referred to "consequences" in the past, it was with reference to either Whitelists or Blacklists being implemented within RPGMaker Trans, but I decided against this as it would be unfair against the majority of legitimate users. At the moment though, consequences means more along the lines of "certain game developers are threatening to upload a 'prepatched' build with a virus in, to teach people who go against their wishes a lesson".


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