So, it turns out that coding whilst on holiday is hard. Especially when your holiday isn't what most people would call a holiday... I would also like to register my hatred of mosquitos.

Anyways, progress so far is basically fixing those crazy error messages and a few GUI faults. It's pretty much ready to go, actually, and would be apart from the fact that the way the patcher is being used by Vkozyrev (comments here under the handle VK) effectively breaks version portability. Normally I'd tell him to fix things on his end, but the specific behaviour (that the directory inside a zipped patch needs to be the same name as the zip file) is not intuitive and really something of an oversight. Unfortunately, it gets worse with the new GUI.

Hence, I'm taking the opportunity to rewrite my ZIP file handler. Presently it's less than ideal (it actually extracts the zip, calls the normal handler, then deletes the folder when done), so the new one will (hopefully) just read stuff out of the ZIP. Anyways, the new ETA is before the end of the week.


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