RPGMaker Trans v1.81 Release

This release has been superseded by RPGMaker Trans v1.9.

Well, it didn't take long for some critical bug to pop up. New link at top of page.

Release notes:
  1. Bugfix: Fixes the bug where fully patched files (e.g. images etc) crashed the translator
  2. BOM-Support: Support for files with BOM (as some Windows software insists on them, and apparently it can make it easier for some people to use to translate) and also support outputting files with BOM. To output files with BOM, in the config.ini file add the line "bom=True"
One notable... um... note is that this version also marks a change in my build system. As I do most development in Linux I was originally having to switch OS to build the executable. I've now got a setup which lets me use Wine to build the executable natively, and am using that. One slight problem is that it seems that, at least on my current version of Wine, I'm unable to actually test the executable natively. I have checked with the current version that it runs etc, but I may not with other versions (as it takes a fair amount of time). As Python is highly portable, I'm not too concerned about this, as things will almost certainly work anywhere... but if there's a crash with really obscure errors, that's probably what's happened.


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