RPGMaker Trans v1.8 Release

This release has been superseded by RPGMaker Trans v1.81

Download link is at the top of the page. I've gotten around my ISP filters by walking to University to upload stuff there. If you can't download off the filehost(s) which I've picked, please leave a comment and I'll try to get some more mirrors up; don't mirror this yourself without asking permission first.

One important note on this is that there's been a minor change in the way that translated games are detected and manipulated. This means that initally, games translated by an older version will be detected as untranslated games. In theory, as soon as the game is repatched, this will go away.

So, the new features:
  1. Multiprocessing: Uses multiple processes to get a pretty big speedup on patching
  2. Patch file format v2.0: The new patch format has contexts to identify strings, which gives translators more info, and also avoids some translation issues. It still needs an "advice" field, to let translators know of character limits etc, but as this format is extensible it should be easy to add. Another benefit of this patch format is that it less than half the size.
  3. Update checker: RPGMaker Trans checks to see if it's running the latest version. If not, then you get prompted to download the latest version. This is mainly to ensure that everyone is running the latest version, so I don't have to try and guess what version someone is using when doing support.
  4. Security Fix: Quite important, I think. Some mitigation against the security issue I outlined in the previous post. Still exploitable, but a lot harder.
  5. Doesn't Disappear: Another quite important feature. RPGMaker Trans will now wait for you to press enter before closing the window. This makes it easier to determine if something has gone wrong.
  6. Log Mode: Produces an easy to submit log file for error reporting. Just type 'd' at the game select prompt. Note that log mode disables multiprocessing, so it isn't recommended for general use.
I have (or will in the very near future) released updates for all the translation projects that I am aware of, to bring them up to v2.0 support. For those who I'm not aware of... there is a unsupported (meaning I'm not going to be responsible if it works or not) feature for loading old format translations. Instructions:
  1. In the patch folder, delete any .txt file which has a size of about 2 bytes.
  2. In the patch folder, rename "RPGMK2kTRANSPATCH" to "RPGMKTRANSPATCH"
  3. Delete the translated version of the game
  4. Patch the untranslated version of the game; Theoretically, what will happen is that the game will not get patched, but the patches will be ported to version 2 instead. Rerun RPGMaker Trans if you want to patch the game and it should work fine.
I will warn anyone porting a patch up that the limitation of the porter is that it cannot port any unused strings, because there will be no valid context for them. So you'll probably want to backup the patch, I think.
    The next features I'll be working on (in no particular order):
    •  XP/VX support
    • Automatic insertion of a machine translated script
    • Alternative patch file formats (CSV or YAML)
    • Advice fields for translators + Advice checking
    And the final note of this long post: I have put Ads on this blog. This isn't so that I can get rich - I won't have anywhere near enough visitors for that. However, I'm using some open source / public domain stuff which isn't sponsored by big companies (BeautifulSoup, for example), and am going to be putting whatever I get from the ads to donations for these projects.


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