Preliminary launch date

Turns out other projects occupied more of my time than previously thought, but the new version of RPGMaker Trans is nearly ready. The new patch format is coming along nicely - the changes are as follows:

  • UTF-8 rather than UTF-16: Reduces file size
  • Changing the method of string identification: Previously, a string was identified by the string itself. Now it is identified by the string and a context (e.g. Hero Name, Item Name, etc). The context is shown in the translation file which provides extra info to the translator. It also means that, for example if a character and an item shared a name in Japanese, they no longer match meaning both can have a different translation.
  • Currently working on an Advice field which can store for instance, a character limit.
The bad news is that RPGMaker XP support might have to wait a little. I haven't had a chance to complete or test it, so it's still sitting at 50% done.

 Anyhow, the preliminary launch date is 27th February. I'm hoping to launch with XP support, but I can't guarantee that.


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