First Post

This blog is just a place for me to post some misc programs and stuff.

The first program to be released will be a new version of RPGMaker Trans, when it is finished. This was originally being released through Hongfire, but doing this seemed to give some members of that community the impression that the license could be freely ignored (or at least, that's the impression I got from various flames that came in my general direction) and that my attempts to get people to honour the license / not encourage breaking the license were some kind of capital offence. Part of this might be because some individuals have some misguided sense of community there, as in a sense that everyone has the same values - which seems to be fairly low with regard to respecting copyright, authors wishes etc - something which I actually try to do!

Hence this blogs main purpose is to put distance between my work and Hongfire. These tools are NOT meant as a contribution to the Hongfire community. They are something I created in my own free time, and have released so that other people may use them.

There are also other reasons which are probably better reasons: releasing stuff over at Hongfire does reduce the audience of these tools and editting the posts on Hongfire was becoming a pain, as well as worrying about the thread bumping rules - tricky to manage when the release thread doesn't get many posts.

So, with the gloomy stuff on why this blog exists over, the teaser for new features in RPGMaker Trans 2.0

  • Multiprocessing - provides a big speed boost on most machines (Implemented)
  • New patch file format - Easier for translators to work with, and necessary for a plan I'm working on (auto insertion of a machine translated script)
  • RPGMaker XP support (50% complete)
  • Various bug fixes

The date for this release is not set in stone. I'd be surprised if it's later than the end of this month, probably more like a week and a half.


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