RPGMaker Trans v4.4 Released (Updated x2)

So, a new release. Unfortunately, it's not the version 5 which I had, once upon a time, hoped would be out now.

This release should fix a longstanding but hard to reproduce bug, where RPGMaker Trans could apparently delete translations. The bug was particularly problematic as it only occurred on case-insensitive file systems, and development of RPGMaker Trans is primarily on case-sensitive file systems. In any case, RPGMaker Trans should now (theoretically, at least) be smart enough to handle this situation, and therefore avoid loss of data. If you do see any data loss, please file a bug.

UPDATE: I accidentally uploaded the wrong build, so if you downloaded it within the first few hours of release, please redownload. It should actually work now.

UPDATE 2: It turns out that the Python folks haven't fixed a bug and it crept into a new build environment. See this bug report for more info. In any case, a fixed version has been uploaded, so please redownload it. Again. This release could have gone better.


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