RPGMaker Trans v4.01 Beta Released

So my version numbering system insists it's time to add a .01 to the number, and who am I to argue? There were a lot of letter releases anyway...

RPGMaker Trans v4.01 Beta is hopefully the last beta release before I declare all of these changes non-beta.


  1. Fixes bugs! Lots of bugs! In no particular order - regex's now translateable again (broken by previous bug fix), GUI tries multiple ports before failing, doesn't ignore unnamed scripts, the rebuild patch button the GUI should now work
  2. CLI mode now takes the patch and output directory as optional arguments; if they're not specified, it follows the _patch and _translated conventions.
  3. Reworked the GUI
  4. Exposed a feature that can dump labels for translations (for games with lazy programming which combines interface and display code)
  5. Killed off a bunch of Ruby code that I don't need now I have the unmarshall module
  6. Patch Banners: A patch can now contain the special files banner.txt and banner.html to display a message to the user. The CLI uses banner.txt; the GUI will try banner.html and then fall back to banner.txt. It's highly recommended anyone using this feature checks to see that the output looks good!
And that's all. Hopefully there are no big bugs in this release and I'll be able to promote it to being non-beta next week.

Oh, and also a new website. I'm not bothering with the current one because the new website is a lot easier to work with, but not quite complete yet.


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