Beta v4.0c Released

So, the v4.0c beta was released. Major highlights from v4.0b:

  1. New Unmarshall script - hopefully the end of all compatibility issues, ever.
  2. GUI/CLI modes are now separate packages. In addition, the CLI mode now works. 
  3. Release channels - before, beta versions had no update notifications. Now they do.
  4. Some hidden functionality that will be exposed in the near future.
  5. Major tidying up of the source code. Not much of a highlight for most, sure, but handy for me. 
On websites and stuff: I'm seriously considering moving all RPGMaker related stuff off of this blog, and onto the main RPGMaker website, once its redesign is finished. The Nikola engine supports all kinds of neat stuff for this, so there won't be a loss of functionality, and it should result in a nicer blog with a nicer comment system. Not sure if I'll keep this one up or use it for other purposes or something, but unless there's a massive outpouring of support for a Blogspot blog, then that's probably what's going to happen.

EDIT: I've had reports that Ruby 2.1 fails to work on 32-bit Windows XP. As Ruby 2.1 is more-or-less required for this version of RPGMaker Trans, that means I have to declare Windows XP unsupported. Anyone on WinXP? Please upgrade Windows. There's a lot of good reasons to do so.


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