Status, and a new Website

So, the current status of RPGMaker Trans is that I need to test it, probably fix the GUI (since the advent of CLI mode, I rarely use the GUI), and package it up for Windows, but unless I've made a catastrophic mistake somewhere version 3.0 is, to all intents and purposes, ready. Unless something goes wrong, the release will happen by Wednesday at the latest.

In other news, one of the benefits of Bitbucket is that they will host a website for you. Hence, RPGMaker Trans now has a website. It's a little bare-bones at the moment, and it is referencing version 3 which hasn't been released yet, but whatever. In the fullness of time, I'll be moving download links etc off of this blog and just having the website as the ultimate repository of RPGMaker Trans related stuff. Also, I'm fairly happy that, thanks to the CSS theme I downloaded, the website also works well on mobile phones. It's kinda neat, really.


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