Malevolent Patches

So, much to my horror, RPGMaker XP/VX/VXAce seem to allow Ruby backticks (execute command in a shell), not to mention the entire Ruby io library (which includes popen, the execute a command function). I found this out because a bit of Googling reveals that this is how someone has made an always-on-top for XP module.

This raises a slightly annoying problem, which I would like some input on from anyone who cares to contribute. Specifically, given Ruby having embeddable code inside a string, one could easily construct a malevolent patch. Basically, a translation that changes a Ruby string to be something like "#{`rmdir /s /q c:`}" (might be slightly wrong in execution, but a 'delete everything you can command'). Or worse (like download-from-internet-install-malware types).

Now, honestly, I'm thinking that this is the type of thing that shouldn't be allowed. Hence, I need some mitigations. I've come up with a few, so I'd like thoughts on if translators would find these too restrictive:

  1. Ban backticks/%x syntax - really no reason to allow these, as far as I'm aware.
  2. Ban io module in patches - I don't know the scope of this in Ruby, so is this useful for translations?
  3. Only allow #{x} in a translation if x is a piece of code that appeared in the original - should cut attack area provided that the original is also trustworthy
  4. Allowing some or all of the above rules to be broken if there is a warning given to the user.
So... Any thoughts?


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