RPGMaker Trans v2.06 released, now open source

Hey, I actually managed to keep one of my self set arbitrary deadlines. RPGMaker Trans is now open source, and hosted on Bitbucket. So, noticeable changes:

  1. Bug reports should now go on the Bitbucket issue tracker - much more useful, and it has the same sign in requirements as the blog, so not any harder to use (well, probably).
  2. Downloads are now served by Bitbucket instead of Dropbox.
  3. RPGMaker Trans now has an icon.
  4. RPGMaker Trans license changed to GPLv3.
  5. Technically, RPGMaker Trans is now fully cross platform. To run on another OS, you need Python 3, PySide and BeautifulSoup4, and then run rpgmakertransmain.py in the source. The value of being cross platform is questionable, given that RPGMaker is only on Windows.
  6. If running RPGMaker Trans from the source distribution (emphasis: not the binary download), you can now try the undocumented and probably untested CLI (command line interface; useful for people who want to script the translation process). Start RPGMaker Trans with the --cli option and you'll get help on what the parameters should be. This will be added to the readme soonish, but I only just remembered about this, and I'm not going to put off launch to document it.
  7. And finally, the blog gets a new theme. It's a suitably momentous occasion.
 Enjoy. I've still got a few more things to push into the repository (e.g. my initial attempts at VX support), but this should be enough for a good enough release.

EDIT: I initially put the wrong binary on the website. If you're one of the 10 who downloaded it and get the error "TypeError: Type str doesn't support the buffer API", please redownload.


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