Progress and such

In the spirit of actually trying to get things done, I'm going to start posting more regular progress reports. Not sure that it makes too much difference given that this is a low-traffic blog, but what the hey.

So, in the time since the last blog update these things have been worked on:

  • Bugs: Designed the fixes for the bugs (as said before, they're actually quite complex to fix), now just need to implement them
  • New feature: In-place patches. These won't create a copy of the game, so they're not useful for games which are in a constant state of flux or translations that are being updated frequently. However, once the game and translation are finished, in-place patching is a lot faster, so it's a nice feature.
  • New feature: QT based UI. Up until now, the UI of RPGMaker Trans has been based on wxWidgets. I'm migrating to a QT UI for primary reason that rewriting the UI properly will mean less work in enabling features, and the secondary reason that I really need to learn QT for other utilities I'm planning, as wxWidgets doesn't support certain features on Windows.
  • VX Support: Um... no progress on that yet, whoops.


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