VX Status Report

Well, I've got a status report on the upcoming VX support.

Basically, it's almost entirely working. There's a handful of issues remaining, but only one is a real problem.

  • Real problem: Save files can contain large portions of events, including dialog. So I need to work out how these can be translated, or else updating games might be impossible.
  • Minor problem: Ruby can have code embedded inside a string. That means I need to figure out how to escape this properly
  • Minor problem: Ruby can visit attributes/dict elements in an inconsistent order, meaning things can potentially jump around inside patch files - this needs to be fixed
Also, VX support will mark the debut of patch format 3.0. This fixes a handful of issues with the old patch format. Contexts become much more detailed, and each translatable string only appears in the patch once - even if it appears in multiple files - with a different translation being possible for each context.

I will however point out that for the time being 2k games will remain using the old 2.0 format. That's because I've not yet modified the 2k code.


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