About Trans-locale patching...

Long story short, it ain't working.

As to why, I'm at a bit of a loss. Evidently, there's something in the file somewhere which is still in cp932 locale, but as to what exactly, I don't know. So, for now, I'm suspending work on this feature. Apologies to all who wanted it, but there's at least one RPGMaker VX game coming out in February which I would like to see translated, so my current priority is to get VX support working.

However, one nice note on this subject: XP/VX use Unicode, and hence whilst it probably won't be possible to translate 2k games to non-latin based languages for the forseeable future, once XP/VX support is in those games will be translatable to any language.

UPDATE: I've managed to get a primitive VX dumper/(sort of) assembler going. Looks like XP/VX support should be done sooner rather than later.


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