RPGMaker Trans v1.97 Released

OK, so this release represents most of my work in the "speedy" line. It isn't all of my work, because I've only dropped the speedy patching engine into the old framework; there's other improvements I'm making in the framework which should make things faster, but they're not ready and I don't want to delay getting this new release out any more.

I also have an apology to the Korean team who wanted to use RPGMaker Trans: testing revealed another problem when changing the locale of the game, specifically that files named in Japanese can no longer be used - with this breaking most of my test games. Automatic file renaming cannot be handled by the current framework, so multi-locale support will have to wait until the next version. Sorry.


  • Patching engine is much faster
  • Now able to translate "Set Hero Class" commands
  • Pseudo-bug: Events associated with Monster Parties have migrated to the Common Events file. This is due to problems with the current patch format and the new patching engine.

Next Version due by end of month (hopefully - though it seems I'm not good at timescales). Features will be:
  • More speed!
  • Support for trans-locale (i.e. Japanese to Korean) patching¬†
  • Trying to detect if a game has been unpacked under the wrong locale
Also: on the file hosting situation, it seems that my previous file hosts are well... as far as my auto-upload script is concerned, dead. Defaulting to Mediafire for now,  but liable to change.

Double also: I've set up a donations button, as it was suggested a while back in the comments. As the disclaimer says, donations won't necessarily make me work any faster (i.e. they're old school donations, given charitably, with no expectation of return). This being said, sufficient donations may let me get some private hosting (if just for files and not a full website), which would be nice.


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