So, about that dedicated website...

Well, I've been investigating stuff, and turns out things aren't perhaps as rosy as I thought.

Turns out things are more complex than my initial survey of hosting providers suggested. Long story short, to actually run a website I'd need about $10 a month all told. So, whilst I've very grateful that just over half the respondents to the little survey said they would be prepared to fork out some money to move RPGMaker Trans onto a dedicated site, the finances don't work out.

Damn, that's a shame. Oh well, maybe if I can get some other projects going I'll be able to work something out... but for now, a dedicated site will remain a pipe dream.

Target is for the new version of RPGMaker Trans, with speedy 2k support, to be out by the end of the month. Then I'll move onto either automatic machine translation or XP/VX support.


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