Tweaking the blog...

Well, a few tweaks to the blog. First off, ads have disappeared. Why? Well, three reasons: the first is that by the browser stats, I guess about 70% of people who view this blog have ad blocking. The second is that the majority of ads I get seem to be about enterprise patch management, and that's not exactly anything that people here want. The third is that really, I don't get too much traffic anyway. Those factors mean that obtaining any support for this project via ads is not really feasible.

So my new strategem is to recommend people to download RPGMaker Trans via Easy-Share. The reason for Easy-Share is that all other file hosts pay moneys based on the size of file to be downloaded, and RPGMaker Trans is too small to qualify for any payouts. Easy-Share doesn't take file size into consideration, and so provides a lot more revenue. I suppose I could pad the files or something... but that seems like a bad idea really...

Note that I'm specifically not recommending people to take out premium memberships with Easy-share - unless you really want to. Doing so isn't a way of supporting me however.

But yeah, it'd be nice if everyone could download via Easy-share. I appreciate that for some people it's not possible, and for others they just prefer a different file host, but if everyone downloaded via Easy-Share I'd have gotten $10. Not much, but enough for me to put a donation to some of the 3rd party software that made RPGMaker Trans possible.

EDIT: And now Easy-Share do penalise smaller files. I'd still prefer people to download from them, as the penalties aren't as much as the other hosts, but still annoying.


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