RPGMaker Trans Roadmap

EDIT: All dates in that were in this roadmap are now wrong, so I removed them. XP/VX support will be more involved than I thought, and will likely involve creation of an editor GUI program. The GUI version is likely to happen before the speedy version, and is also likely to happen soon.

So, as there were... well, no contributions on future direction... here's the plan and some expected deadline dates. Note that the roadmap is of course subject to change, and extra releases will be made in case of bugs etc.

RPGMaker Trans v1.91-s
  • Not a true new version, so no new version bump
  • Debut of RPGMaker Trans utilities - RPGMaker Trans will be split into two parts, a small "core program" and a large "utilities pack" which doesn't change as much. RPGMaker 2000 game translation will be possible without the utilities pack, but will be much faster with it. The planned RPGMaker XP/VX support will require the utilities pack
  • Utilities pack contains pypy for speed ups.
  • Remove some unnecessary code paths for some other speed ups. Probably won't make too much difference, but every little helps.
RPGMaker Trans v1.95
  • Add a wxWidgets based GUI
  • Add a developer CLI mode - for people building utilities on top of RPGMaker Trans
RPGMaker Trans v2.00
  • RPGMaker XP+VX support!
  • RPGMaker Trans patch format v3, to cope with XP/VX support
  • Utilities pack update to support XP/VX games.
RPGMaker Trans v2.1
  • Automatic machine translation support (hopeful translators: ATLAS, Google Translate)
  • Possible Utilities pack update to support ATLAS translations
  • Google Apps based online translation/collaboration software 


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