RPGMaker Trans v1.9

This version has been superseded by RPGMaker Trans v1.91

So yeah... it seems that there were some big problems in the RPGMaker Trans 1.8-series. My bad. This release fixes those problems and introduces the advice field. I'll also apologise for delays, but my laptop (and primary development machine) had it's inverter board die and I've been busy sorting it out for a repair.

This also marks the debut of my new file hosts. If there are problems, please comment and I'll do what I can. The reasons for the new file hosts are in this post.

1.9 Release Notes:
  1. Advice Field: Gives advice on text length limits etc. I'm not 100% certain on all the limits, but they seem alright...
  2. Security Fix-Fix: Issue with the security fix which meant that the even with the fix it could still be exploited - although the user would be at least informed something was amiss. This has now been fixed.
  3. Fix Escaping Problem: As the \ symbol was being used to escape a # at the beginning of a line, a \ at the beginning of a line had special properties. However, \ is used a lot in RPGMaker strings, and this bug meant that RPGMaker Trans would fail to match any string which had a line beginning with \, and in addition mangle the input file. In addition, strings weren't being escaped when written to file so something similar would happen with strings beginning with a line beginning with #. The new semantics are that a "\#" at the beginning of a line is a "#", otherwise do nothing. 
  4. Removes "Terrain Data" from Translatables: There seems to be no way of getting a Terrain Name output to screen (at least not from this variable) so I assume it's for developers.
You'll also need to restore patches to "pristine" versions, as 1.8/1.81 will have mangled them. I'm in the process of uploading fixed patches to the appropriate places.

EDIT2: There is a bug in v1.9 that stops v1 format patches from being correctly converted (specifically patches for LMU files). This will be corrected in the next version. If you need a hand with this before then, please leave a comment and I'll do my best to help out.

Next work will be on the long delayed RPGMaker XP version, and the mysterious "Project Fractal".


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