Bug Report Advice

I've found a bug, what next?

Great! At least you want to report, if you're here. RPGMaker Trans isn't perfect, obviously, so I want as many bug reports as possible. Some things though:

  1. Please describe the steps to reproduce the bug. If possible, try to repeat the bug yourself so that you can give accurate steps.
  2. RPGMaker Trans is used for NSFW projects - that's fine. Do not upload anything NSFW to the RPGMaker Trans bug tracker

Frequently Asked Questions

cx_freeze error: Cannot get ZipImporter Instance: This error is caused by running RPGMaker Trans from a directory that includes non-ASCII characters - normally from a Windows user name. Due to a bug in a component that RPGMaker Trans uses (cx_Freeze), RPGMaker Trans cannot be launched from such directories.

RPGMaker Trans isn't translating the game: This isn't magic translation software. If you haven't got a patch, RPGMaker Trans will not translate the game. While this may sound obvious to some, given the description of the software, but I've been asked this far too many times.

Is it free?: RPGMaker Trans is free software, licensed under the GPL version 3. This means it is free as in speech as well as free as in beer. In addition, RPGMaker Trans uses Python (PSF license), Ruby (Ruby license), PySide (LGPL 2.1), fuzzywuzzy (2-clause BSD) and python-Levenshtein (GPL)

Is it legal?: I believe that distributing RPGMaker Trans patches of games, with correct attributation, should be legal in most jurisdictions. However, I am not a lawyer. RPGMaker Trans strives to be as friendly to original authors as possible, and this should go some way to mitigating any legal issues. Remember though - if the original author requests, a translator should always back down.